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Antique Car Farm was founded by Giulio D'Antonio in 2010. Giulio has owned antique cars and trucks since the early 1980s, when his love of restoring the classics began to take shape.

Back in the late 1970s, the automobile industry began to evolve as car makers competed in the business by making their cars bigger, more luxurious and built to last. Then, in the 1980s, the country had our first big gas crisis and the car makers were forced to make smaller, more fuel efficient cars. In 1985, Giulio decided that he did not like any of the newer cars, so he bought a 1964 Cadillac sedan. He rebuilt the motor, fixed the air conditioner and ran it as his daily driver.

Giulio now has a collection of cars and trucks that all are number one drivers. In 2009, he built a shop to work on all of his classic cars and trucks. Many of the local residents who have old cars passed by his place and started to ask if he would help them fix their old cars, as none of the regular repair shops specialized in the classics. Soon after, Giulio began taking on the business of repairing classic antique cars and trucks, and in 2010 he started the Antique Car Farm as it is today.